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Income Guidelines and Restrictions related to LIHTC and Market Rate Apartments at

Willow Manor at Fairland Apartments


How much is the monthly rent?  Please see the Resident Selection Criteria (RSC) for rate information.

What are the income restrictions? Please see the minimum and maximum income restrictions listed in the RSC.
What is the Low-Income Tax Credit Program? The Federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program was created by the Tax-Reform Act of 1986 to encourage construction and rehabilitation of housing for low- and moderate-income families. The law gives states an annual tax credit allocation based on population and is administered by the Federal Internal Service (IRS) in accordance with Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code. Developers can earn these tax credits by constructing affordable housing.

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What does the Resident Selection Criteria (RSC) mean by 30%, 50%, 60%?  Each percentage number represents an income maximum that must not be exceeded in order to qualify for that apartment.
 The number itself (30%, 50%, 60%) is that percentage amount of the area median income, otherwise known as AMGI. Area median gross income is determined by HUD each year and is a different amount in different areas and locales. The AMGI is a bit like an average income for that area.
 For example, if the area median gross income is $50,000 per year, (as determined by HUD) and your household earns no more than $30,000 per year, your household may qualify for a 60% apartment, which has been set aside for households earning a maximum of 60% of the area median income (60% of $50,000=$30,000).
 This percentage number does not indicate that you will pay the stated percentage of your income toward rent.

Is this only for the elderly? Is this a senior building? Willow Manor at Fairland Apartments is a Senior Community in which all Household Members must be 62 years or older.
Do you accept vouchers? Yes.
What if my income is too high? There is no income maximum for our Market rate apartments.
Do I qualify for the community if I am a student? Households comprised of all fulltime students will not be eligible for this program. There are five exceptions to this Rule. For more information please visit with one of our professional management team members.   
Why do I need to give you proof of all income and assets? This information is required as part of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program to ensure each household meets income eligibility.  
I have a part-time job should I include it on my application?  Proof of all income and assets must be provided at the time of application. Any information not provided can lead to application denial.
I’m working full time now, but will soon change to part time. Can I still apply? Yes-Please see the minimum income guidelines.
I’ve recently been offered a job but I’m not working right now. Can I still apply? Yes! Please provide a current dated, signed offer letter from your future employer showing your salary.
I receive only Social Security. Will I qualify? Maybe. Please see the minimum income guidelines.
Why do I have to list all occupants on my application? In order to determine program eligibility all household members (and their income) must be listed on the application.

Can I add someone to my lease in a few months? Changes in household composition are not permitted within the first 12-month lease term.


What’s included? Water, Sewage, and Trash are included.
Will there be central air/heating? Yes. Central Air and Heat is offered in all apartments at Victory Haven.
Will residents be responsible for electric? All apartments at Willow Manor at Fairland are 100% electric. You will be responsible for electric costs.
I’m not sure if I can get utilities in my name. How can I find out? What do I do? Call the utility provider directly to discuss utility service and learn about their application process and credit requirements. Proof of Electric in your name is required at the time of lease signing.


Do you accept pets? Yes! We love our furry residents!

How much is a pet deposit for each pet? $300 refundable pet deposit.

Is the pet deposit yearly, or a monthly fee? There is no annual deposit, there is only a one-time, refundable, pet deposit of $300 per pet, due at the time of move in and a monthly per fee of $10.00 per dog.  Dogs, cats, birds, turtles and fish in small aquariums (20- gallons max) are welcome.  A maximum of two dogs, cats or birds in any combination are permitted in each apartment with a maximum weight of 40lbs. full grown. Please see the RSC for breed restrictions and additional information and requirements.

I have an emotional support animal what documents do I need to provide? Please speak with our professional management team for specific information.

Amenities & Features

Do you have front door security?  No, however the community will have a controlled access entry system.
Is there an elevator? Yes-there are two elevators in the building.

Will you have Handicap Parking? Yes-there will be handicap parking spaces.

Are the apartments wheelchair accessible? Willow Manor at Fairland offers several apartments with accessible features. Please speak with our leasing team for additional information.

Do you have apartments with balcony or patio? The apartments at Willow Manor at Fairland do not offer balconies or patios, however there will be outdoor space to enjoy.

Can I get my own washer and dryer? Yes! Each apartment will have a washer and dryer.

Will there be a computer room available? Yes! Willow Manor at Fairland will have a Computer Station and a Library area.

Is there closet space? Yes!

Are appliances included? Yes-each apartment includes energy efficient appliances in the kitchen.

I want one floor living-no steps. -That’s exactly what we offer!

Application & Leasing

How can I fill out an actual application? Online Applications are available here: Printable applications are also available for download, and can be mailed. 

What is the application fee? $25 per person age 18 or older.
Is the application fee refundable if I don’t qualify for an apartment? No.

How long does it take to process my application? Application processing varies based on the individual, and the regulations associated with the specific apartment you will select. The process can be more efficient if all requested documents are available at the time of application ` interview. Bringing in ID information, proof of all income and assets and providing additional documents when requested greatly reduces the processing time. Please assume at least a two-week processing time from the date of original application, at the minimum.

Can I transfer my lease from another Habitat America community? Sadly, no. Each community has different qualifying criteria and a new application must be submitted.

I live in a community that used to be managed by Habitat America. Does this matter for my application? We are thrilled to have you join our Habitat America family again! As each community has different application and qualifying criteria, we must ask everyone to go through the application process each for each new Community.

Is there currently a waiting list?  Not at this time. However, If an apartment is not available when the application is submitted, the applicant will be put on the waiting list. The application will be fully screened and verified once an apartment becomes available for occupancy.

When can I see an apartment? Stay tuned for updates!
Will I be able to pay my rent online? Yes!
Will there be an additional charge for online payments? No charge for ACH. Credit card and debit payments incur a 3.2% processing fee.